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  • Ali Riddiford·

    I was lucky enough to discover Yvonne over 10 years ago and have been having individual sessions with her ever since! She always seems to know exactly what my body needs for my home practice and should I ever waver she sets me right back on track. I would highly recommend Yvonne to introduce you to your own journey in Yoga!

  • Lesley B·

    I cannot recommend the morning dailies classes enough. The opportunity to start the day with yoga is great. I find that it focuses and grounds me and gives me energy for the rest of the day. Yvonne supports you if you have a restriction in your movement and helps you achieve body movement.I would recommend booking and developing your yoga practise.

  • Yoga student - Kathie·

    Yvonne, you’re an inspiration and you embody the best of what is a challenging, alien and strange set of circumstances. Your posts and comments radiate warmth, generosity of spirit and positivity and for that I, and I’m sure many others, are truly grateful. Thank you for an excellent yoga session last night, even though it feels a little odd working on my own rather than in beautiful Yanley Court with our other lovely class-mates. The great thing about this new on-line way of working is that I can share you with a friend who has moved away but misses her yoga sessions with you terribly, so I will forward on your links in the hope she can be involved once again. Keep up your amazing work Yvonne, and please know that everything you do makes a real difference to our lives.

  • Ruth Taylor·

    The morning retreats are a great way to reconnect with one's home practice as well as reflect on the wider meaning of yoga in one's life.
    The session was extremely well run, active, contemplative, and really rewarding on many levels. I enjoy the chance to practise yoga in company knowing that Yvonne is ensuring positions are accurately done so that you cannot hurt yourself, knowing that there will be a chance to draw on her broad knowledge on yoga beyond the moves and breathing and reflect on and apply some of these thoughts to life in general, too. It's really worthwhile spending time on these morning retreats as I come away feeling really reinvigorated and renewed on a deep level. Yvonne is a fabulous yoga teacher.

  • Tina H·

    Yvonne is one of the most intuitive and caring practitioners I have had the pleasure to meet, be treated by and work alongside with. She is an excellent teacher and passes on her knowledge and skills in a nuturing and safe environment. There is no agenda or ego with Yvonne, which is so refreshing. She just subtly and quietly works her magic! I really can not recommend Yvonne enough.

  • May Curtis·

    Yvonne’s approach to her work is about caring for the whole person. I have experienced several of her treatments - always focussed on a particular need at the time. I always come away feel restored by the experience realising the importance of investing in oneself. Thank you Yvonne.

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